Bruce Beehler Can Speak and Do a Book-signing at Your Venue

Beehler is an accomplished public lecturer capable of inspiring and motivating large and diverse audiences. Beehler has given more than a hundred public lectures at venues ranging from universities (Harvard University, Wake Forest University, Williams College), board meetings (Conservation International), museums (Smithsonian Institution, North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences), associations (Association of Field Ornithologists, Partners in Flight), and clubs (Explorer's Club). He was featured on the PBS News Hour (interviewed by Geoffrey Brown) and 60 Minutes (interviewed by Bob Simon in the field in New Guinea). Speaking fee ranges from $750-$2,500, based on audience and venue. Travel and incidentals extra (email:

Through Jungles and Up Mountains in Search of Birds of Paradise

As co-author of The Birds of Paradise (Oxford) and Birds of New Guinea (Princeton), Beehler is a leading expert on these bizarre and beautiful birds whose main homeland is the upland forests of New Guinea. Beehler studied the birds of paradise for his doctoral dissertation, and followed this with a decade of post-doctoral field studies. Beehler provides a first-hand look at these birds in the field based on more than 50 field trips to New Guinea over 35 years. His presentation is illustrated with superb imagery captured on-site. Listen, captivated, as Beehler describes rediscovery of the Bronze Parotia,  display of the Black Sicklebill, and hikes into the unknown.

Lost Worlds--Lessons from Traditional Cultures and their Rainforest Haunts

Lost Worlds (Yale, 2008) is a popular narrative of travel, field research, nature conservation, and just plain adventure in tropical rainforests across the planet. In this lecture, the author recounts highlights and lowlights of his experiences in Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Philippines, India, Sri Lanka, Panama, Madagascar, and Ivory Coast between the years 1975 and 2007. This is a story of challenge and hope--about traditional peoples and their precious natural lands. This presentation provides incisive insights on the human condition as well as a remarkably up-beat forecast for the future of humankind on Earth.

Fighting for Wild Species and Wild Places in the 21st Century

In the second decade of the 21st Century, the business of Nature Conservation has seen its stock dip, as the rise of human-centered programs seek to change the field's focus from the preservation of the earth's last great places and its myriad wild species with a paradigm that seeks to demonstrate that efforts to aid the most vulnerable human populations can, at the same time, ensure the conservation of a modicum of nature's assets. Beehler, in this lecture, makes the case that Nature must come first, and that a caring and aware alliance of societies East and West, North and South must speak and act on behalf of wild species and their wonderful and wild native haunts. 

A Paradise Next Door--Finding Natural Wonders Near Home

This presentation focuses on the precious places and wild nature in our own back yards, in our nearby parks, wetlands, and woodlands. It's a celebration of the familiar, as well as the little-known wilderness and wild species that live right under our noses. The lecture gives the audience a whole array of ideas for embracing  these wonders. Let's put down our smart phones and get back to Nature! Ideal for the general audience, including children--Audubon Societies especially.